The Alsace manufacturing plant has strong local ties and is based on more than 70 years of expertise inventively adapted to current demands. The company achieves this by standing by its ethical quality, safety values and green credentials, as well as through commitment, attentiveness, closeness, tailor-made product development, reactivity and performance.

Diroy manufacture Our background

Diroy was founded in 1947 under the name Mousses Feuchter and since then has been on a journey to develop, innovate and stand for the highest quality. We strive to provide comfort, well-being and respect for the environment, which is why we constantly update our equipment, so we can stay at the cutting edge.

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Diroy manufacture Our expertise

The Diroy company was founded more than 70 years ago starting with manual know-how and continuing to this day. State-of-the-art technological development was successfully added to adapt the know-how to current demands.

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Diroy manufacture sustainable commitment

Diroy stands for know-how and feeling, which goes hand in hand with ensuring that the products are high-quality and durable… but those are not the only important aspects. The company is also very committed to safeguarding the environment and wants to work without ever loosing sight of this essential value.

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Expérience Literie

Fabrication de literie made in France (Alsace) :
matelas, sommiers, déco et accessoires…

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Expertise Mousse

Transformation de mousses industrielles pour les secteurs de l’ameublement, de l’équipement médical, de l’aéronautique…

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