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Diroy, ce sont des produits de qualité, réalisés sur la base d’un cahier des charges rigoureux avec une stricte traçabilité des matières premières. Nos produits Literie sont validés par de nombreuses certifications attestant cette qualité.

Belle Literie is a quality range, meeting the requirements defined by a rigorous specification established with the FCBA Technological Institute, an independent and certified body.

Belle Literie is the guarantee of controlled French production based on 3 commitments:

  • Quality: in accordance with the specifications guaranteeing the quality of the products you buy
  • Safety: meeting product compliance testing
  • Traceability: by carrying a unique identification number ensuring product traceability.

Belle Literie means you are making a reliable purchase and you can be sure that Diroy’s commitment has been tested and proven.

Belle Literie Excellence, the French standard for a great night’s sleep. This high-quality range not only meets Belle Literie requirements, it also includes extremely rigorous manufacturing criteria:

  • The quality of high-end manufacturing: from design to manufacture, our products are the heirs of French craftsmanship and expertise
  • The use of the noblest materials: all our materials are chosen with the utmost care for their natural quality and the comfort they bring.

By choosing a Belle Literie Excellence product, you are ensured a product that is high-quality and guaranteed durability.


The Greenfirst solution, a plant-based treatment for house dust mites and bed bugs.
GREENFIRST® is the most plant-based effective solution against pests such as dust mites and bed bugs.

Its Active Substance is a specific quality of Geraniol 100% vegetable in origin with remarkable properties. It is combined with extracts of essential oils of lavender, lemon or eucalyptus.

Marine Equipment Directive (MED) certification of the company and our products for marine use.

ISO 9001: Quality management
Standard based on several quality management elements including strong customer focus, management motivation and commitment, process approach and continuous improvement. This repository ensures that customers get consistent, high-quality products and services

ISO 14001: Environmental Management
This standard is based on environmental management systems.

ISO 45001 – Management of health and safety at work
Standard that ensures organisations improve worker safety, reduce workplace risk and create better and safer working conditions.

The “Confidence in Textiles” logo is one of the best-known quality certificates in Europe and applies to raw textile materials, intermediate products and finished products at all stages of processing.

Tested according to the standard Oeko-Tex Standard 100 means that the product has been tested for a total of 100 harmful substances, optical brighteners or similar.

Oeko-Tex Product Class I – For textile articles
for small children and babies!

ISO 10993 is a series of ISO standards for the biological evaluation of medical devices. The standard is particularly relevant for manufacturers of medical devices and testing laboratories. The purpose of the standard is to evaluate biocompatibility of materials used with the body. Not only the products, but also the base materials to produce devices under scrutiny. The series of standards is not limited to implantable medical devices but concerns many medical devices. In addition to biological tests, the standard also includes physical-substance tests, and requires compliance with the limit values for substances.

ISO 10993 is published in Germany as DIN EN ISO 10993.

CertiPUR is a voluntary program to test, analyse and certify the environmental, health and safety characteristics of polyurethane foams used in bedding and upholstered furniture. It defines the substances prohibited in the production of polyurethane foams and sets strict limits for certain components.

REACH is a European regulation (Regulation No. 1907/2006) that came into effect in 2007 to secure the manufacture and use of chemicals in European industry.

It involves the identification, evaluation and control of chemical substances manufactured, imported and placed on the European market.

As of May 31, 2018, already more than 20,000 chemical substances are known, and their potential risks established; Europe thus has the legal and technical means to guarantee a high level of protection against the risks associated with chemical substances.

The brand Alsace is a reference of values and symbols noted triple A: Ambition, Audacity and Attractiveness.

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