Diroy stands for expertise and feeling, which goes hand in hand with ensuring that the products are high-quality and durable… but those are not the only important aspects. The company is also very committed to safeguarding the environment and wants to work without ever loosing sight of this essential value.


Diroy combines sustainable development with local roots. Every day, industrial waste is reprocessed, all process solvents have been definitively eliminated and the natural materials used in the products are respectful of both sleeper and consumer.

Diroy wants a working site where social and environmental responsibility reflects the products, so to help with biodiversity the lawns on the three-hectare industrial site have been replaced by flowery meadows, wild hedges, life-supporting water features and the addition of four hives to help our endangered bees and pollination.

The Diroy site is also home to a couple of storks, the regional emblem.

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