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Diroy is an innovative company rooted in its territory and time.

Diroy, formerly known as Mousse Feuchter, was created in 1947 and specialises in the manufacturing of high end bedding lines (mattresses, slated frames and accessories) as well as in the transformation of industrial foam for upholstery, medical equipment, aerospace etc. Building on its experience, Diroy has developed expertise, specific and distinctive skills to gain in competitiveness and strategic specialisation in these two manufacturing trades. As a result, Diroy has developed in Alsace, high-quality expertise for over 60 years and is fully committed to carefully select materials complying with self-imposed quality, safety and environemental requirements.

Regional quality and proximity

Founded in Brumath, and now operating from Bouxwiller, Diroy is proud of its Alsatian identity which gives the company a certain proactivity and proximity. A local unit of production means we can guarantee high quality products and customer service.

Caring for the environment and the future of our planet.

Diroy combines sustainable development and local embedment every day; no industrial waste escapes without being reprocessed and recycled, solvents have been permanently replaced in favour of solutions with aqueous dispersion and natural materials are key to products respectful to both the sleeper and the consumer.