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Our partners

Institutional Partners


IDEE Alsace


IDEE Alsace is a voluntary engagement based on respect, humanism, discipline and a sense of commitment, which unites companies operating in the Alsatian territory. They are all engaged in sustainable development, i.e. environmental conservation, social progress and economic efficiency and looking to capitalise on these three pillars embedded in the regional culture.


Institut Français du Textile et de l'Habillement (IFTH)

VGenuine technology centre at the service of the industry, IFTH provides a set of solutions for the development of new products or processes.


Pôle Aménagement de la maison en Alsace


Led by the Bas-Rhin’s Union of Industries and funded by European money, the Alsace Region, DIRECCTE Alsace and DATAR, the Pôle Aménagement de la maison aims at creating a cluster of 150 industrial companies.


Pôle fibres


The 5000 Researchers and businesses members of the Pôle Fibres in Alsace and Lorraine network are directly involved in the sector, undertaking manufacturing, research (basic and applied), training and promotion.



Pôle textile Alsace


                                                                                                                                           The Pôle Textile Alsace association gathers the main player of the Alsatian textile sector and aims to develop synergies and collaboration between the companies operating within the sector.


Media Partners


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